Sonntag, 14. April 2013

the rillen rudi collection # 06

get the collection # 06 here

51 superfast rewind
instrumental: gorillaz - superfast jellyfish
acapella: london elektricity - rewind

52 ni ten ichy rude boy
instrumental: photek – ni ten ichy ryu (teebee remix)
acapella: rihanna – rude boy

53 türlich bärbl
instrumental: duck sauce – barbara streisand
acapella: das bo – türlich türlich

54 sweet pussies (taken from the"world greates pop mashups" compilation)
instrumental: beyonce – sweet dreams
acapella: pussycat dolls – dont cha

55 take a look arounf alejandro (taken from the"world greatest pop mashups" compilation)
instrumental: lady gaga – alejandro
limp bizkit: take a look around

56 love island
instrumental: weezer – island in the sun
acapella: the jackson 5 – the love you save

57 black fat lips
instrumental: sum 41 – fat lip
acapella: ac/dc – back in black

58 a body moving night
instrumental: james blunt – stay the night
acapella: beastie boys – body movin

59 rain (BOB)
instrumental: money mark – rain (NYC)
acapella: bob dylan – blowin in the wind

60 the number of the beast hurts
instrumental: johnny cash – hurt
acapella: iron maiden – the number of the beast

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