Sonntag, 14. April 2013

the rillen rudi collection # 05

get the collection # 5 here

41 gotta work the war inside my head
instrumental: amerie - gotta work
acapella: suicidal tendencies - war inside my head

42 i believe in vegas
instrumental: katy perry – waking up in vegas
acapella: the darkness – i believe in a thing called love

43 give away ur halo
instrumental: bloc party – halo
acapella: red hot chili peppers – give it away

44 gagas new paparazzi
instrumental: lady gaga – paparazzi
acapella: linkin park – new divide

45 45 it aint easy (taken from the summer booty 2010 compilation)
instrumental: ozomatli - 45
acapella: david bowie - it aint easy

46 do wha undone (taken from the summer booty 2010 compilation)
instrumental: kate nash - do wha doo
acapella: korn - coming undone

47 radio bruce (taken from the chillax compilation)
instrumental: radiohead – fake plastic trees
acapella: bruce springsteen – born to run

48 drain that sex type thing
instrumental: nirvana – drain you
acapella: stone temple pilots – sex type thing

49 lets dance with you
instrumental: michael jackson – rock with you
acapella: david bowie – lets dance

50 do you realize it britney
instrumental: the flaming lips - do you realize??
acapella: britney spears - if u seek amy

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