Sonntag, 14. April 2013

the rillen rudi collection # 03

get the collection # 03 here

21. don´t miss the murder
instrumental: kelly clarkson - i do not hook up
acapella: afi - miss murder

22. my bloody voodoo epic
instrumental: the prodigy - voodoo people (pendulum remix);
samples from slayer - raining blood
acapella: faith no more - epic; slayer - raining blood

my bloody voodoo epic from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

23. einfache farben
instrumental: the prodigy - colours
acapella: die fantastischen vier - einfach sein

24. 21 jokers
instrumental: green day - 21 guns
acapella: steve miller band - the joker

25. hey man, nice kyoto
instrumental: air - alone in kyoto
acapella: filter - hey man, nice shot

26. new teen spirit
instrumental: linkin park - new divide
acapella: nirvana - smells like teen spirit

27. my life would suck without blood sugar sex and magik
instrumental: kelly clarkson - my life would suck without you
acapella: red hot chili peppers - blood sugar sex magik

28. 99 batteries
instrumental: nena - 99 luftballons
acapella: metallica - battery

29. another crazy train is coming
instrumental: judas priest - you got another thing comin´
acapella: ozzy osbourne - crazy train

30. bon voyage is what i got
instrumental: sublime - what i got
acapella: deichkind - bon voyage

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