Sonntag, 14. April 2013

the rillen rudi collection # 02

get the collection # 02 here

11 download the riverbed
instrumental: mouse on mars – download sofist
acapella: morcheeba - riverbed

12 like eating one armed scissor
instrumental: bloc party – like eating glass
acapella: at the drive in – one armed scissor

13 jump foxy lady jump
instrumental: kriss kross - jump
acapella: jimi hendrix – foxy lady

14 what a caravan girl wants
instrumental: goldfrapp – caravan girl
acapella: christina aguilera – what a girl wants

15 haus am ice
instrumental: peter fox – haus am see
acapella: vanilla ice – ice ice baby

16 song 2 whoomp
instrumental: blur – song 2
acapella: tag team – whoomp! there it is

17 falling away from reckoner
instrumental: radiohead - reckoner
acapella: korn – falling away from me

18 invaders sex laws
instrumental: the prodigy – invaders must die (liam h´s re-amped)
acapella: beck – sex laws

19 music monks at the top
instrumental: ez-rollers – tough at the top (ez remix)
acapella: seeed – music monks

20 no sleep till i have the damn highscore at super mario bros.
instrumental: nintendo – super mario bros.
acapella: beatsie boys – no sleep till brookly

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