Samstag, 20. April 2013

the rillen rudi collection # 11

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101 - smells like furtado
instrumental: nirvana - smells like teen spirit
acapella: nelly furtado - say it right

102 - high up
instrumental: mop - ante up
acapella: method man & redman - how high

103 - u dont wanna be invisible so dont let this drag u down
instrumental: the pierces - drag you down
acapella: nu tone feat. natalie williams - invisible

104 - totom and rillen rudi - diamond hoo ha bad girls
instrumental: supergrass - diamond hoo ha man
acapella: m.i.a. - bad girls

ToToM and Rillen Rudi - diamond hoo ha bad girls from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

105 - nu:disturbed
instrumental: nu:tone - one
acapella: disturbed - stricken

rillen rudi - nu:disturbed from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

106 - until gold breaks
instrumental: owl city - gold
acapella: linkin park - until it breaks

107 - fooplay
instrumental: colplay - life in technicolor II
acapella: foo fighters - stacked actors

rillen rudi - fooplay from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

108 - robbie steht im regen
instrumental: robbie williams - millennium
acapella: die fantastischen vier - sommerregen

109 - the undone trip
instrumental: kasabian - last trip (in flight)
acapella: korn - coming undone

110 - a passenger from barcelona
instrumental: i´m from barcelona - barcelona love you
acapella: iggy pop - the passenger

the rillen rudi collection # 10

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91 - lass mich nicht mehr gehen
instrumental: maverick sabre - let me go
acapella: cro - nie mehr

  rillen rudi - lass mich nicht mehr gehen from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

92 - schwule mädchen haben einen blinden glauben
instrumental: chase and status - blind faith
acapella: fettes brot - schwule maedchen

93 - mama said knock the jogi out
instrumental: panjabi mc - jogi
acapella: ll cool j - mama said knock you out

Panjabi MC vs LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock The Jogi Out from BobbyG. on Vimeo.

94 - the hooo boys
instrumental: moses pelham - hooo
acapella: beastie boys - so whatcha want

rillen rudi - hooo boys from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

95 - the last bro hym
instrumental: bassnectar - pennywise tribute
acapella: papa roach - the last resort

96 - this time i dont look any further
instrumental: dj shadow - this time
acapella: dennis edwards and seidah garret - dont look any further

97 - celebrate ET
instrumental: westbam - celebration generation 

acapella: katy perry - ET

98 - just sex
instrumental: mutya buena - just a little bit

acapella: kings of leon - sex on fire

99 - einfach mal grüßen
instrumental: cro - easy
acapella: die fantastischen 4 - mfg

rillen rudi - einfach mal grüßen from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

100 - es geht weiter
instrumental: katy perry - not like the movies
acapella: eins zwo - und so weiter

rillen rudi - es geht weiter from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

the rillen rudi collection # 09

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81 i still feel good (04.2012)
instrumental: sway - still speeding (kill the noise remix)
acapella: gorillaz - feel good inc

82 sweet fighters (06.2012)
instrumental: gabriella cilmi - sweet about me
acapella: foo fighters - best of you

83 let me be your omen (06.2012)
instrumental: the prodigy - omen (noisa remix)
samples: baby d - let me be your fantasy
acapella: baby d - let me be your fantasy

84 i survived 1993 (06.2012)
instrumental: souls of mischiefs - 93 til infinity
acapella: mobb deep - survival of the fittest

85 on a time tip (07.2012)
instrumental: chase and status - time
samples: SL2 - on a ragga tip

86 super sandman V2 (09.2012)
instrumental: supergrass - pumping on your stereo
acapella: metallica - enter sandman

87 himmel nochmal wann wird es endlich wieder sommer (07.2012)
instrumental: silbermond - himmel auf
acapella: rudi carell - wann wird es mal wieder richtig sommer

88 i want u to die (08.2012)
instrumental: the hives - die allright
acapella: queen - i want it all

89 wir sind deichkinder (08.2012)
instrumental: wir sind helden - nur ein wort
acapella: deichkind - bon voyage

90 white sea (08.2012)
instrumental: coldplay - swallowed in the sea
acapella: billy idol - white wedding

the rillen rudi collection # 08

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71 let the maneaters go (10.2011)
instrumental: chase and status – let you go
acapella: nelly furtado – maneater

72 higher state of moleküle (10.2011)
full song: wink - higher state of consciousness
full song: mia - tanz der moleküle

rillen rudi - higher state of molekuele from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

73 lobsterfreaks (10.2011) (taken from the combilation "mash a wave")
instrumental: the atlantics – freakout
acapella: b 52´s – rock lobster

rillen rudi - lobsterfreaks from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

74 we are runnin (11.2011)
instrumental: the pharcyde – runnin
acapella: da bush babees – we run things

75 take it easy with the clocks (11.2011)
instrumental: commodores – easy
acapella: coldplay – clocks

76 fell in love with the ODB (12.2011)
instrumental: the white stripes – fell in love with a girl
acapella: ol dirty bastard – shimmy shimmy ya

77 is klar lily (12.2011)
instrumental: lily allen – take what you take
acapella: jan delay – klar

78 the blood of boom (01.2012)
instrumental: the blood of heroes – wounds against wounds
acapella: p.o.d. – boom

79 give it all alan (01.2012) (taken from the combilation "never mash, the punk rock mashup album")
instrumental: alan pownall – chasing time
acapella: rise against – give it all

80 the last pissing resort (01.2012) (taken from the combilation "never mash, the punk rock mashup album")
instrumental: nirvana – territorial pissing
acapella: papa roach – last resort

Sonntag, 14. April 2013

the rillen rudi collection # 07

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61 whod have known the joker (02.2011)
instrumental: steve miller band – the joker
acapella: lily allen – who´d have known, and voices from “the dark knight”

62 wait in london (03.2011)
instrumental: slipknot – wait and bleed
acapella: fergie – london bridge

63 basket guggen (03.2011)
instrumental: fröscheloch-echo niederhof e.V. – basket case
acapella: green day – basket case

64 heroes under pressure (03.2011)
instrumental: queen and david bowie – under pressure
acapella: david bowie – heroes

David Bowie vs David Bowie & Queen - Heroes Under Pressure (X-Men Version) from BobbyG. on Vimeo.

65 with a little blur (04.2011)
instrumental: beatles – with a little help from my friends
acapella: blur – there´s no other way

66 red hot vine (04.2011)
instrumental: the vines – outtathaway!
acapella: red hot chili peppers – the greeting song

67 pieces of faith (05.2011)
instrumental: mgmt – pieces of what
acapella: faith no more – we care a lot

68 another hand in hand song (05.2011)
instrumental: queens of the stone age – another love song
acapella: beatsteaks – hand in hand

69 parade41 (06.2011) (taken from the combilation "summer booty 2011")
instrumental: sum41 – motivation
acapella: rage against the machine – bulls on parade

70 raise your glass for a good time (09.2011)
instrumental: katy perry – hot n cold
acapella: pink – raise your glass
acapella: alan jackson – good time

the rillen rudi collection # 06

get the collection # 06 here

51 superfast rewind
instrumental: gorillaz - superfast jellyfish
acapella: london elektricity - rewind

52 ni ten ichy rude boy
instrumental: photek – ni ten ichy ryu (teebee remix)
acapella: rihanna – rude boy

53 türlich bärbl
instrumental: duck sauce – barbara streisand
acapella: das bo – türlich türlich

54 sweet pussies (taken from the"world greates pop mashups" compilation)
instrumental: beyonce – sweet dreams
acapella: pussycat dolls – dont cha

55 take a look arounf alejandro (taken from the"world greatest pop mashups" compilation)
instrumental: lady gaga – alejandro
limp bizkit: take a look around

56 love island
instrumental: weezer – island in the sun
acapella: the jackson 5 – the love you save

57 black fat lips
instrumental: sum 41 – fat lip
acapella: ac/dc – back in black

58 a body moving night
instrumental: james blunt – stay the night
acapella: beastie boys – body movin

59 rain (BOB)
instrumental: money mark – rain (NYC)
acapella: bob dylan – blowin in the wind

60 the number of the beast hurts
instrumental: johnny cash – hurt
acapella: iron maiden – the number of the beast

the rillen rudi collection # 05

get the collection # 5 here

41 gotta work the war inside my head
instrumental: amerie - gotta work
acapella: suicidal tendencies - war inside my head

42 i believe in vegas
instrumental: katy perry – waking up in vegas
acapella: the darkness – i believe in a thing called love

43 give away ur halo
instrumental: bloc party – halo
acapella: red hot chili peppers – give it away

44 gagas new paparazzi
instrumental: lady gaga – paparazzi
acapella: linkin park – new divide

45 45 it aint easy (taken from the summer booty 2010 compilation)
instrumental: ozomatli - 45
acapella: david bowie - it aint easy

46 do wha undone (taken from the summer booty 2010 compilation)
instrumental: kate nash - do wha doo
acapella: korn - coming undone

47 radio bruce (taken from the chillax compilation)
instrumental: radiohead – fake plastic trees
acapella: bruce springsteen – born to run

48 drain that sex type thing
instrumental: nirvana – drain you
acapella: stone temple pilots – sex type thing

49 lets dance with you
instrumental: michael jackson – rock with you
acapella: david bowie – lets dance

50 do you realize it britney
instrumental: the flaming lips - do you realize??
acapella: britney spears - if u seek amy

the rillen rudi collection # 04

get the collection # 04 here

31 i believe in a thing called chop suey
instrumental: the darkness - i believe in a thing called love
acapella: system of a down - chop suey

32 ich lebe (beggin mix)
instrumental: madcon - beggin
acapella: christina stürmer - ich lebe

33 suspicious minds are not fair
instrumental: lily allen - not fair
acapella: elvis presley - suspicious minds
and also some soundsampels from: blues brothers – rawhide

34 ironblood
instrumental: helmet - ironhead
acapella: mastodon - blood and thunder

35 wild wedding
instrumental: steppenwolf - born to be wild
acapella: billy idol - white wedding

36 feels good to beat it
instrumental: beck - fell good time
acapella: michael jackson - beat it

37 my dope nose
instrumental: mary wells - my guy
acapella: weezer - dope nose

38 hot kiss
instrumental: jamiroquai - hot tequila brown
acapella: red hot chili peppers - suck my kiss

39 one way drive
instrumental: u2 - one
acapella: incubus – drive

40 come around if u wanna ask me something
instrumental: green day - when i come around
acapella: red hot chili peppers - if u have to ask

the rillen rudi collection # 03

get the collection # 03 here

21. don´t miss the murder
instrumental: kelly clarkson - i do not hook up
acapella: afi - miss murder

22. my bloody voodoo epic
instrumental: the prodigy - voodoo people (pendulum remix);
samples from slayer - raining blood
acapella: faith no more - epic; slayer - raining blood

my bloody voodoo epic from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

23. einfache farben
instrumental: the prodigy - colours
acapella: die fantastischen vier - einfach sein

24. 21 jokers
instrumental: green day - 21 guns
acapella: steve miller band - the joker

25. hey man, nice kyoto
instrumental: air - alone in kyoto
acapella: filter - hey man, nice shot

26. new teen spirit
instrumental: linkin park - new divide
acapella: nirvana - smells like teen spirit

27. my life would suck without blood sugar sex and magik
instrumental: kelly clarkson - my life would suck without you
acapella: red hot chili peppers - blood sugar sex magik

28. 99 batteries
instrumental: nena - 99 luftballons
acapella: metallica - battery

29. another crazy train is coming
instrumental: judas priest - you got another thing comin´
acapella: ozzy osbourne - crazy train

30. bon voyage is what i got
instrumental: sublime - what i got
acapella: deichkind - bon voyage

the rillen rudi collection # 02

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11 download the riverbed
instrumental: mouse on mars – download sofist
acapella: morcheeba - riverbed

12 like eating one armed scissor
instrumental: bloc party – like eating glass
acapella: at the drive in – one armed scissor

13 jump foxy lady jump
instrumental: kriss kross - jump
acapella: jimi hendrix – foxy lady

14 what a caravan girl wants
instrumental: goldfrapp – caravan girl
acapella: christina aguilera – what a girl wants

15 haus am ice
instrumental: peter fox – haus am see
acapella: vanilla ice – ice ice baby

16 song 2 whoomp
instrumental: blur – song 2
acapella: tag team – whoomp! there it is

17 falling away from reckoner
instrumental: radiohead - reckoner
acapella: korn – falling away from me

18 invaders sex laws
instrumental: the prodigy – invaders must die (liam h´s re-amped)
acapella: beck – sex laws

19 music monks at the top
instrumental: ez-rollers – tough at the top (ez remix)
acapella: seeed – music monks

20 no sleep till i have the damn highscore at super mario bros.
instrumental: nintendo – super mario bros.
acapella: beatsie boys – no sleep till brookly

the rillen rudi collection # 01

get the collection # 01 here

01 patricia demmi (04.2009)
instrumental: max greger orchestra - patricia
acapella: deichkind - remmi demmi

02 eva is intergalactic (04.2009)
instrumental: jean-jacques perrey - E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim Remix)
acapella: beastie boys - intergalactic

03 everlong green eyes (04.2009)
instrumental: coldplay - green eyes
acapella: foo fighters - everlong

04 territorial sure shot (05.2009)
instrumental: nirvana - territorial pissing
acapella: beastie boys - sure shot

05 feel troy good (05.2009)
instrumental: gorillaz - feel good inc.
acapella: die fantastischen vier - troy

06 master of atlantis (05.2009)
instrumental: moving fusion - atlantis
acapella: metallica - master of puppets

07 breaking the santa cruz girl (07.2009)
instrumental: fatboy slim - santa cruz
acapella: red hot chili peppers - breaking the girl

08 stand up for real ladies (07.2009)
instrumental: the prodigy - stand up
acapella: das efx - real hip hop / beastie boys - hey ladies
contains voice samples from: busta rhymes - woo-hah!! / method man - release yo delf

rillen rudi - stand up for real ladies from rillen rudi on Vimeo.

09 epic lollipops (07.2009)
instrumental: herb albert - lollipops and roses
acapella: faith no more - epic

10 a song for the jesus christ pose (08.2009)
instrumental: queens of the stone age - a song for the deaf
acapella: soundgarden - jesus christ pose